The waterproof wooden floor

natural. waterproof. jointless.

The jointless, waterproof, universal wooden floor

A wood flooring without joints for indoor use. Suitable for wet and damp areas as well as in combination with underfloor heating.

A parquet flooring for all living areas from bathrooms and wellness areas to kitchens and living rooms. The special look in style of a boat deck brings you holiday vibes into your home and creates areas that invite you to feel good.

All this is marinaflexx.

marinaflexx is your waterproof parquet floor.

No joints, easy to clean, flexible, natural and in special boat deck look.


With marinaflexx you will enjoy your daily dose of holidays at home. Bring the unique boat deck look into your living area and experience the maritime vibe.

The waterproof wooden floor for indoor use will convince you with its look and its usability.

It combines the warmth of a real wood floor with the black flexx-joint, which provides the special look and makes it jointless and waterproof.

Enjoy a real wood parquet floor also in wet and damp rooms, like spas, bathrooms toilets or any other room, without the worry of spills. Walk on the floor barefoot and experience the unique feeling of real wood parquet flooring under your feet. You and your feet will be convinced to love this floor from the very first step.

Create your feel-good zone with marinaflexx.


Craftmanship with many years of experience and intense research on wood flooring made it possible to develop a waterproof hardwood floor that offers a wide range of applications. The pre-oiled planks and the flexx-joint give this floor a unique boat deck look.

marinaflexx comes ready to install. Due to its removability the floor has a long life span.


Your waterproof wooden floor in boat deck optic

marinaflexx is a unique flooring system. Due to its jointless processing and the oiled surface, it is waterproof and therefore especially suitable for wet and damp rooms.

The jointless processing is made possible by the flexx-joint. This kind of joint has been used for a long time in shipbuilding and creates a flexible wooden floor.

The wood used is exclusively Sonnberg parquet, which comes from sustainable forestry and is 100% manufactured in Austria.

The interplay of wood and the flexx-joint creates the unique look of the floor, which is reminiscent of a boat deck and allows the warmth and texture of a parquet floor now everywhere in residential and commercial use.

marinaflexx is your waterproof wooden floor.

A waterproof parquet floor, in trendy ship deck style, that can be used universally – that sounds too good to be true.
But with marinaflexx it is reality!

Whether a wooden flooring in bathroom, kitchen, living room or entire wellness areas – marinaflexx can be installed in any area. The parquet floor was specially developed for damp and wet rooms. Due to the oiled surface with waterproof rubber joints, the parquet flooring is perfectly protected against moisture, slip-resistant and universally applicable, making it suitable for all indoor areas.
The seamless flooring is not only easy to clean and hygienic, but also impresses with its appearance.

Treat yourself to the naturalness and warmth of a real wood parquet floor in your premises – wherever you want!!