Wood flooring for Commercial areas and object construction

marinaflexx is a waterproof parquet flooring in a special boat deck look, which is ideally suited for heavily used interior areas due to its flexibility and durability. 

A parquet floor for commercial use, hotels, restaurants or public buildings must be robust, easy to maintain and hygienic, but also comply with additional building regulations.

Due to the fact that marinaflexx is an oiled parquet floor, heavily worn areas in e.g. high traffic areas can be partially resanded or repaired, which makes it a suitable floor for commercial use due to its renovability.

Real Wood Flooring for Offices

The floor of an office has a long-term impact on the atmosphere. Therefore, in addition to the visual aspect, it is important to consider the nature of the floor, but also to choose a floor that can withstand a high load.

marinaflexx can be used for a long time due to its durability and renovability and is also suitable for high traffic areas. A parquet floor radiates warmth and creates a pleasant ambience. The floor absorbs sound volume better than, for example, tiles and thus has good acoustic properties. The waterproof, jointless floor is also easy to clean and meets hygienic standards.

The pleasant ambience and positive properties of the real wood floor will make your employees feel comfortable and even more productive.

waterproof, joint-less Parquet
for Hotels & Restaurants

marinaflexx brings hotel and restaurant operators a stylish, resistant and seamless alternative to normal parquet floors. A parquet floor is the optimal solution for hotels and restaurants by providing an ideal indoor climate and a beautiful atmosphere.

With marinaflexx you go one step further in your business – you offer your guests a vacation ambience with the installation of the floor and bring the maritime style into your appearance as host. However, not only the aesthetics makes the special floor in a boat deck look the perfect floor for your business and lets you stand out from the competition – marinaflexx is far easier to clean than many other floors and also very safe due to its water resistance and anti-slip surface.

Wooden Flooring for Health & Care
waterproof, joint-less, hygienic

For facilities in the health and care sector, marinaflexx is ideally suited. With its special look, marinaflexx creates a unique feel-good atmosphere.

The real wood floor radiates warmth and security and is the perfect fit for your waiting area, practice or even entire corridors and rooms due to its jointless surface and easy cleaning. The waterproof parquet floor offers you and your patients a unique sensual experience and a feel-good climate for relaxation and recovery.


If your marinaflexx floor is installed professionally, there is a product warranty of up to 10 years. In Austria there is a legal warranty on floors for 3 years and marinaflexx extends this by a 7-year warranty.

With the warranty extension from marinaflexx you can extend the warranty by 7 years and increase it to up to 10 years. Get more information from your contact person or here: