waterproof wooden flooring for Residential Living

The jointless hardwood floor was developed primarily for damp and wet areas in the living area, but its use is not limited to this.

If you want to integrate the ship deck flooring in other living areas, this is not a problem. The special features make wooden flooring possible in living rooms, entrées, kitchens, bathrooms or sanitary rooms. Not only the look is convincing, but also its resistance to heavy load, stains and wetness makes it a universal floor for singles, couples, families and also pet owners.

Wood Flooring in Bathrooms

Especially in barefoot areas like the bathroom, you want a flooring that gives you a warming, natural feeling, creating the perfect base for your own comfort zone.

With marinaflexx, this is now possible – you get a real wood parquet floor in your bathroom that you can enjoy barefoot without remorse – marinaflexx is slip-resistant, which reduces worries about slipping.

Get a floor in your bathroom that is waterproof, warming, natural and has a unique look as if you were on your own boat.

Parquet in Sanitary Rooms

You can also feel like you’re on your boat in the lavatory. The waterproof flooring allows a real wood parquet now also on toilets. Due to the seamless installation technique, cleaning is no problem and makes the floor hygienic. Do not worry about stains, they are quickly removed without residue in any cracks or joints.

Wood Flooring for Kitchens

The kitchen is the centerpiece of almost every living area. The floor in the kitchen should be durable, resistant and stylish. It must withstand scratches, spills, stains, and high traffic. Just as in shipbuilding, the floor is exposed to a wide range of influences. marinaflexx has proven itself in shipbuilding for many years and is ideally suited for high load areas due to its flexibility and robust nature. Because it can be renovated, the floor has a long life span.

Wood Flooring in Living Areas

Have you always wanted holiday vibes at home?

With marinaflexx, the real wood floor in boat deck optic, it is now possible. Become the captain of your living room and enjoy the special maritime look.

Don’t worry about cleaning and wear and tear – marinaflexx is easy to clean and maintain and enormously resilient. It’s not for nothing that people have been relying on this unique floor in shipbuilding for years.

Create a feel-good atmosphere that is normally only found when on holiday and on ship decks. With the right furnishings and appropriate decoration, nothing stands in the way of the maritime experience.


If your marinaflexx floor is installed professionally, there is a product warranty of up to 10 years. In Austria there is a legal warranty on floors for 3 years and marinaflexx extends this by a 7-year warranty.

With the warranty extension from marinaflexx you can extend the warranty by 7 years and increase it to up to 10 years. Get more information from your contact person or here: