The jointless parquet flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

The oiled surface and flexible expansion joint (flexx-joint) make the floor hygienic and easy to clean. The jointless installation ensures little cleaning effort compared to flooring with joints, such as tile floors.

Real wood floors need to be re-oiled once after installation. When this was done, only the usual cleaning and maintenance follows. Find more details in the maintenance instructions.

To ensure the best possible care and cleaning of your marinaflexx floor, we recommend using the oil care sets and cleaners for Sonnberg products. These are  sustainable and precisely matched to the floor. Using the appropriate products for care and cleaning will ensure long durability and compliance with warranty conditions.

The proper maintenance extends not only the life of your hardwood floor, it also protects your investment. Besides the proper floor cleaning solution, we recommend the proper chair, table and furniture protectors so that no damage occurs to the floor.

Advantages of PJ-products for maintenance and cleaning


If your marinaflexx floor is installed professionally, there is a product warranty of up to 10 years. In Austria there is a legal warranty on floors for 3 years and marinaflexx extends this by a 7-year warranty.

With the warranty extension from marinaflexx you can extend the warranty by 7 years and increase it to up to 10 years. Get more information from your contact person or here: