marinaflexx was specially developed for sanitary and wellness areas and is perfectly suited for wet rooms with its waterproof rubber joint, the flexx-joint. With prefabricated element construction and the elimination of subsequent grouting work, marinaflexx is extremely flexible and cost-saving.

In combination with underfloor heating, you create feel-good zones with maximum comfort.

The marinaflexx system is a patented flooring system that creates a waterproof and jointless real wood parquet floor.

The robust finished parquet floor is waterproof, flexible and joint-free thanks to the permanently elastic flexx-joint. It is not only resilient and practical, but also catches the eye with its special design.


The robust marinaflexx multilayer prefinished parquet elements consist of an approx. 3.5 mm thick wear layer. The approx. 10 mm thick elements are provided all around with a tongue and groove, as well as with a permanently elastic flexx-joint and offer optimal protection against the penetration of moisture and humidity.



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Your waterproof wooden floor in boat deck optic.

jointless, waterproof, all-around parquet flooring

Sonnberg Parkett

The marinaflexx planks are made of Sonnberg Parquet for which only real wood from sustainable forestry is used. Sonnberg parquet is 100% manufactured in Austria.

Out of love for parquet, the Sonnberg Parquet brand was created in the year 2000 with a small and fine selection of parquet flooring. In the meantime, the range offers a wide selection of high-quality country house floorboards. There is something for every taste and the right parquet floor can be found for every room.

All Sonnberg floors consist of a multi-layer construction of softwood and a precious wood layer, exclusively from sustainable forestry (no tropical wood).

Real wood floors are an experience for the senses, they contribute significantly to the appearance of a room and provide the ideal basis for a healthy indoor climate. See, feel and smell your Sonnberg Parquet floor every day and ensure your well-being at home.

marinaflexx is made of Sonnberg Parquet and thus relies on sustainable, high-quality real wood, which is 100% produced in Austria.


The surface of the real wood parquet flooring consists of a precious wood layer (oak) and is surface treated only with the highest quality oils. This makes the flooring durable without losing the haptic feeling of a wood surface. The real wood floor is ready to install and can be walked on immediately after installation.

The surface treatment is done with oxidative natural oils, which ensure that the wood is water resistant and antistatic (for low dust exposure), and the original feel of the wood is preserved.

The flexx-Joint

hygienic, waterproof, flexible

The flexx-joint is a flexible sealing joint made of rubber* that connects the planks of the parquet floor. It is permanently elastic and therefore has an exact accuracy of fitting.

The black joint has proven itself through many years of use in shipbuilding worldwide and creates a flexible, universally applicable wooden floor. The expansion joint allows 5-fold expansion and counter-expansion and thus absorbs the swelling and shrinkage of the parquet plank, prevents the formation of joints and guarantees to remain sealed. The permanent elasticity is given in the temperature range from -40° to +100°C.

The waterproof expansion joint offers an exact and high fitting accuracy due to its flexibility, thus allowing the installation of the parquet floor in any interior.

*Silane modified polymer


If your marinaflexx floor is installed professionally, there is a product warranty of up to 10 years. In Austria there is a legal warranty on floors for 3 years and marinaflexx extends this by a 7-year warranty.

With the warranty extension from marinaflexx you can extend the warranty by 7 years and increase it to up to 10 years. Get more information from your contact person or here: