Wellness Areas

marinaflexx is not only suitable for living areas. Entire indoor wellness areas or small private spas can be flexibly equipped with it. Waterproof, slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean – all this makes the universally applicable parquet flooring the perfect wellness foundation. The special look additionally creates the possibility to integrate the maritime boat flair into your wellness oasis and thus create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Transform your wellness area into your private yacht. Wellness is relaxation and switching off from the everyday life, enjoy exactly here the feeling to be on your yacht at sea and experience your short vacation at home. The pleasant warm feeling of walking barefoot over a real wood parquet will recharge your empty batteries and you can draw new strength.


If your marinaflexx floor is installed professionally, there is a product warranty of up to 10 years. In Austria there is a legal warranty on floors for 3 years and marinaflexx extends this by a 7-year warranty.

With the warranty extension from marinaflexx you can extend the warranty by 7 years and increase it to up to 10 years. Get more information from your contact person or here: