Der Parkettboden für ein zeitloses und stilvolles Wohnerlebnis

The parquet floor for a timeless and stylish living experience

It is not for nothing that parquet is considered the most elegant and stylish option among all flooring materials. A parquet floor exudes luxury and at the same time offers maximum warmth and comfort. In addition, parquet floors are sustainable due to their long service life.


In the following article we will provide information about parquet floors and explain the different types of parquet floors. We also provide information about a tried and tested solution when it comes to finding suitable parquet for wet rooms. These are the parquet floors from marinaflexx, which are waterproof thanks to a special construction and can also be used very well in problematic areas.



Solid wood parquet: The particularly elegant variant for the discerning

Solid wood parquet is the highest quality version of wooden flooring. It consists of pieces of solid wood, which in most cases are laid raw. Only after the installation has been completed is the surface sanded and refined. Such a parquet floor can be sealed with parquet varnish, wax or special oils. There are many different parquet products available for this purpose.


Solid parquet can be sanded and resealed several times over time. Classic strip parquet usually consists of pieces of wood with a thickness of 22 mm. So it takes many decades for the floor to significantly lose its substance due to frequent grinding. The so-called mosaic parquet offers a special form of solid wood parquet. Smaller pieces of wood are used here. Changing the direction of the grain creates particularly beautiful and attractive surfaces.


When people talk about parquet flooring, they can mean two different floor coverings. A parquet plank is a flooring component in which several solid parquet strips are connected to form a coherent plank. These planks reach lengths of two to three meters. If instead we are talking about a solid plank, then this means a single piece of wood that is characterized by its large surface area.


Finally, the elaborate panel parquet should be mentioned at this point. Here, smaller pieces of wood in different shapes are glued together to form large panels. The parquet patterns that often arise are characteristic, such as diamonds or stars. The special look is often further emphasized by different colored woods. Panel parquet is particularly suitable for large rooms where a lot of floor space is visible.



Parquet for damp rooms and sensitive areas: marinaflexx® offers the solution

As beautiful as a parquet floor is, this type of floor unfortunately comes with a significant disadvantage. Parquet is very sensitive to moisture and moisture. For this reason, parquet is rarely found in damp rooms, in kitchens, in wellness areas or in heavily used entrance areas and commercial spaces. Under the influence of moisture, the soil can initially swell and then shrink again as it dries. The result of this is damage and unsightly surfaces.


However, the waterproof wooden floor from marinaflexx® offers a very convincing solution. This floor is completely insensitive to moisture and moisture and is therefore suitable not only for bathrooms, but also for kitchens, entrance areas, wellness areas and commercial spaces. Two factors ensure protection against moisture penetration. On the one hand, the individual panels are already sanded and oiled at the factory. The surfaces therefore offer comprehensive protection. On the other hand, the panels have a rubber expansion joint. This ensures that no moisture or humidity can penetrate even where the individual panels abut each other.

marinaflexx waterproof drops

The joint, which incidentally comes from shipbuilding, is made of black rubber. In combination with the four surfaces to choose from made from oak wood sustainably produced in Austria, an overall maritime character is created that enhances any living space and stylishly highlights it.



Wood parquet as a finished floor: practical and high quality

Finished parquet is also known as multi-layer parquet. This is a floor material that is usually constructed in three layers. The top layer, also known as the top layer, is usually made of precious wood. This gives the finished floor a look and feel that is very similar to solid wood parquet. The substructure, on the other hand, consists of cheaper softwood or wood-based materials. The multi-layer structure ensures greater overall resistance to warping. This means that prefinished parquet can be laid floating, i.e. without full-surface gluing.


In most cases, the finished parquet is already sanded and oiled at the factory, so that no finishing is required after installation. However, it is also possible to purchase such floors in their raw state and then treat them yourself. A parquet floor that has been sanded when installed can then hardly be distinguished from solid parquet.


When it comes to laying, so-called click systems are predominantly used today. The individual elements are equipped with tongue and groove. They are pushed into each other when laying. This creates the eponymous clicking sound. A distinction is made between force-closing and form-closing systems. Power-closing click systems offer resistance that must be overcome by tapping. Form-locking prefinished parquet, on the other hand, is an angle system that reliably connects the individual panels to one another through their shape.



Many types of parquet provide a large selection

Anyone who is interested in equipping their living spaces with parquet floors today is faced with a huge selection of wooden floors. Here you will find the right parquet floor for every taste and every furnishing style.


The versions offered differ primarily in terms of the type of wood, the color, the grain and of course the construction. The preferred woods for parquet floors are oak and beech. This applies at least to the European area. But parquet made of maple, cherry or walnut is also quite common. There are also parquet products made from bamboo. However, you have to know that bamboo is not considered wood in the strict sense, but rather as woody grass. Since bamboo grows much faster than the classic trees used to produce wood parquet, corresponding parquet products are often cheaper. However, customers usually pay for this with a shorter life expectancy.


The color of parquet floors depends on the type of wood itself and on the treatment of the wood and the finished floor surfaces. The same applies to the grain, which largely determines the overall impression of parquet flooring. Here every customer has the opportunity to choose materials that optimally match the style and color design of their own living space.


With regard to the construction, it is decided how much effort is involved in laying the parquet floors. In principle, prefabricated parquet can be laid much quicker and easier than solid parquet made of solid wood.


Nowadays, parquet products are often offered online. Good and professional providers provide their customers with parquet samples that can also be ordered online. This means you can experience the parquet floors in question in your own rooms before you decide on a specific parquet.

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