Parquet in the bathroom & toilet

Especially in barefoot areas such as the bathroom, you want a floor covering that conveys a warming, natural feeling and thus creates the perfect basis for your own comfort zone.

With marinaflexx® this is now possible - treat yourself to parquet in the bathroom that you can enjoy barefoot without regret - marinaflexx® is slip-resistant.

Even at Stille Ortchen you can feel like you are on your boat. The waterproof floor covering now also allows real wood parquet to be used in toilets. Thanks to the seamless installation technology, cleaning is no problem and makes the floor hygienic. Don't worry about stains, they are quickly removed without leaving any residue in any cracks or joints.

Get a floor in your bathroom and toilet that is waterproof, warming and natural and has a unique look, as if you were on your own boat.

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Parquet in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of almost every living area. The floor in the kitchen should be durable, resistant and stylish. It must be able to withstand scratches, spills, stains and heavy use. Just like in shipping, the soil here is exposed to a variety of influences. marinaflexx® has proven itself in shipbuilding for years and is ideal for this area thanks to its flexibility and robust nature. Because it can be renovated, the floor has a long service life.

Bring parquet into your kitchen with marinaflexx® and experience the warming feeling of real wood in the kitchen.

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Wellness areas

marinaflexx® is not only suitable for living areas. Entire indoor wellness areas or small private spas can be flexibly equipped with it. A parquet floor in a private wellness area or in larger wellness oases is no longer a pipe dream.

Waterproof, slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean – all of this makes the universally applicable parquet floor the perfect wellness foundation. The special look also creates the opportunity to incorporate the maritime boat flair into your wellness oasis and thus create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Transform your wellness area into your private yacht. Wellness is relaxation and switching off from everyday life. Enjoy the feeling of being on your yacht by the sea right here and experience your short vacation at home at any time. The pleasantly warm feeling of walking barefoot across real wood parquet will recharge your empty batteries and allow you to gain new strength.

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Boat deck look in the living room

The waterproof and joint-free parquet floor was developed primarily for damp and wet areas in the living area, but its use is not limited to this.

If you want to integrate the special boat deck look into other living areas, this is no problem. The special properties make parquet flooring possible in the living room, entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom or even toilet. It's not just the look that's convincing, its resistance to heavy wear, stains and moisture also makes it a universal floor for singles, couples, families and even pet owners.

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Wooden panels for walls and ceilings

The possibilities of marinaflexx® are far from exhausted when it comes to designing beautiful floors. The panels can also be used excellently to cover walls and ceilings. This is how you realize unique living concepts.
The design options are almost unlimited. For example, different wood tones can be individually combined with each other.
Whether in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or other rooms with a lot of moisture: the panels with their top layer made of fine and sustainable oak wood turn every room into a stylish, unique piece. At the same time, they feel particularly good, are very easy to care for and can be laid simply and easily.

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