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A wooden floor guarantees atmosphere and well-being

A wooden floor radiates warmth and comfort. Anyone who has ever walked barefoot on warm wood in their own living space will not want to do without it again so quickly. Wooden floors look stylish at the same time and underline the individual touch of every living space.
We provide information about the properties of wooden floors, take a look at the different designs, report on the differences between parquet and floorboards and have a special tip ready when it comes to wooden floors that should be completely insensitive to moisture and moisture: The floors of marinaflexx are ideal for damp rooms and areas that are particularly stressed.
Wooden floors have many positive properties
A wooden floor is an investment in a good, sustainable and long-lasting future. Anyone who furnishes their living spaces with parquet or wooden floorboards will enjoy many positive properties.
First of all, every wooden floor radiates a particularly pleasant and cozy warmth. The natural material wood feels so good that you not only like walking on the floor, but also like touching it. Wooden floors fit into any furnishing concept and always give living rooms a stylish and individual touch.
Another advantage: wooden floors can be cleaned very well and with little effort. It is therefore easy to ensure hygienic cleanliness even for households with children or pets. In addition, wooden floors are also ideal for allergy sufferers. In contrast to carpets or similar floor coverings, with wood it is very easy to avoid high levels of dust, pollen or animal hair.
Wooden floors, regardless of whether they are parquet or floorboards, can be laid with little effort. If the wooden floor is no longer attractive after many years or has become damaged, it can simply be sanded and resealed. Depending on the thickness of the cover wood layer, this is even possible several times.
A wooden floor for damp rooms and particularly stressed rooms
Wood is a living natural material. What makes this material particularly beautiful on the one hand, quickly leads to problems with wooden floors on the other. This is due to the fact that wood can change significantly under the influence of moisture, moisture and temperature fluctuations. The wooden floor then swells with increasing moisture and shrinks when it dries again. This not only leads to an unsightly surface, but also to damage.
Anyone who doesn't want to do without a wooden floor despite these restrictions will be interested in the waterproof wooden floor from marinaflexx®.
marinaflexx waterproof parquet floor bathroom
The floor is absolutely insensitive to moisture and moisture and is sustainably manufactured in Austria. This is made possible by a special rubber expansion joint. The joint is black and, in combination with the elegantly oiled oak wooden surfaces, conveys a maritime character. The wooden floor from marinaflexx® can be easily used even in damp rooms, in entrance areas, in wellness zones or in commercially used rooms. This creates design options that were previously not possible in this form.
The panels are sanded and oiled at the factory and are equipped with tongue and groove all around. This makes laying very easy. The top layer made of oak has a thickness of 3.5 mm and is therefore particularly resistant and durable. The stylish wooden floor is available in four expressive decors and can therefore easily adapt to any interior style and taste.
Wooden floors come in many different designs
The range of wooden floors on offer is huge. There is always the right product for every taste and style. In terms of the type of wood, the color, the grain, the decor or the sealing, the variants on the market are extremely diverse.
There are also big differences in terms of shape and the associated appearance. The spectrum ranges from small-scale upright slat parquet to strip and mosaic parquet to French panel parquet with geometric patterns in different colors and grains.
A special form of parquet is the so-called finished parquet. This is delivered ready for installation and usually has a multi-layer structure. The top layer consists of a fine wood that is sealed or oiled at the factory. The lower layers are made from cheaper materials. Equipped with tongue and groove, installation can be carried out very easily.
Wooden floors made from planks are also very popular and have a particularly long tradition. Floorboards are boards made from suitable types of wood. They are available in widths starting from 100 mm and offer thicknesses of up to 40 mm. Pine, larch, spruce, fir, but also hardwood and tropical wood are used. Important when producing planks: The types of wood must be able to be cut to the desired width without cracks. In addition, the wood must be dry and dimensionally stable. This is an important prerequisite for creating a surface that is free of offsets and joints.
Wooden floorboards and parquet are sustainable
Whether a wooden floor is chosen based on parquet or based on planks does not make a big difference in terms of many properties of the resulting floors. What is particularly important is that a wooden floor can be sanded several times if this ever becomes necessary. Even with a multi-layered parquet floor with only a thin wear layer, this process can be carried out once or twice.
This feature makes almost all wooden floors very sustainable. The service life extends over many years and even scratches, damage and signs of wear can be removed by sanding and sealing again. This means that the wooden floor always shines with a fresh shine even after a long time and often accompanies the owners for generations.
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