Holz im Badezimmer: Feuchtraumpaneele für das Bad

Wood in the bathroom: wet room panels for the bathroom

We all want the bathroom to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. The times when bathrooms were designed and furnished in a rather spartan and cold way are long gone. Today we are paying much more attention to this long neglected space.


But tiles still predominate on the walls and floors. Although these can be quite attractive, they create an uncomfortable, cold atmosphere due to the acoustics with a lot of reverberation.

Creating a warm, homely atmosphere in wet and damp rooms is a dream of many. One way to create a feeling of warmth in a living space is to use natural materials such as wood.

It is difficult to use wall and ceiling cladding made of fine materials such as wood in damp rooms due to the sensitivity of wood to moisture.


With the panels from marinaflexx® you can now fulfill your dream of a warm, homely bathroom. Below we will show you how you can now make your bathroom as comfortable and stylish as you want.



Waterproof wall coverings in the bathroom are mandatory

Why is it actually so problematic to do without the old-fashioned tiles on the wall in wet rooms such as bathrooms, toilets or even home wellness areas ? The answer is obvious: in such rooms we are dealing with very high humidity. This occurs naturally when bathing or showering. In addition, there is direct contact with water, which cannot be avoided when in the bathroom or when cleaning.


This moisture and moisture affects all the materials used in the bathroom. For example, if it is a wall covering that is not waterproof, this can have significant consequences. Moisture penetrates these materials over time and penetrates the underlying masonry. The result: Significant damage and, of course, mold formation can occur. The problem is that the damage is not even noticed for a long time because it is hidden by the unsuitable wall covering. When you finally discover it, you will incur high repair costs.


There is also another effect: we are dealing with very different temperatures in the bathroom. You know it yourself: To shower in winter, many of us briefly switch the heating to the highest level and also use very hot water. Now the bath quickly heats up to well over 30 degrees. When we ventilate afterwards, we let cool air flow in. Suddenly the room temperature halves to 15 degrees or less.


Just keep in mind that your damp room panels or your bathroom wall cladding have to withstand all this without being damaged. Given this background, it is no surprise that robust and waterproof tiles have become popular for a long time.



Stylish and cozy: A bathroom wall covering without tiles

But let's be honest: it's usually not really comfortable in a room that's tiled all around. Here you quickly feel reminded of a public swimming pool or even a butcher shop or a doctor's office and not of a cozy wellness oasis in your own home.


If you could choose wall paneling in the bathroom according to your mood, then most people would probably choose warm, stylish and elegant wood. Especially in combination with high-quality sanitary objects, elaborate fittings and modern lighting design, wood appears extremely tasteful and individual.


A bathroom designed in this way is guaranteed to not only be your personal highlight, but also the admired center of your home. This means you stand out from the crowd and can significantly enhance even a simple bathroom in a small apartment.


But would it be a good idea to attach ordinary wooden panels to the walls or ceiling in the bathroom? Absolutely no way. Normal wall panels made of wood are not at all designed for wet rooms such as the bathroom. They would allow moisture to pass through on one side. This can quickly lead to significant structural damage. On the other hand, the wood itself also suffers damage from the high humidity and temperature differences. After a short time it would become unsightly and therefore the opposite of your dream of a stylish and perfectly designed bathroom.


You still don't want to do without classic real wood in the bathroom? Then you will be interested in the product that we would like to introduce to you in the next section.



With marinaflexx® for bathroom wall cladding made of wood

With wooden panels from marinaflexx®, the walls of damp rooms can be clad in a way that is as easy as it is durable and safe. Here you will discover high-quality panels with a top layer made of local oak wood, which is available in various elegant colors. The material is completely suitable for all applications in the bathroom. In order to achieve this exceptionally high level of robustness, marinaflexx® relies on a two-fold system.


On the one hand, the surfaces of the panels with their oak top layer are already sanded and oiled at the factory. This means that the wood can actively regulate the moisture in the air. It is also extremely resistant to splashing water. On the other hand, the panels contain a special joint that is made of high-quality rubber. The joint originally comes from shipbuilding. It reliably prevents moisture or moisture from penetrating and damaging the masonry behind it.


The surface of the panels feels particularly natural and pleasant. In conjunction with the dark, contrasting joint, an overall maritime character is created, which gives every bathroom a very personal touch and creates a lot of atmosphere. The panels are very easy to assemble and, last but not least, are also very easy to care for.



Walls, floor and ceiling in the bathroom: marinaflexx® wet room panels

After decorating the walls of your bathroom with wooden wall paneling, you may want to customize the floors or even the ceiling. This can look very stylish, especially if you combine different colors of wood with each other or even create or have patterns created from them.


The wooden panels from marinaflexx® can be used for more than just wall design. You can also use them to beautify floors and ceilings in all rooms that are affected by moisture or that, for example, require particularly frequent wet cleaning.

This creates harmonious room concepts with a lot of character and a unique atmosphere. In addition, it gives a good feeling that we are dealing with a sustainable product.


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